Independent Director joins Midlands


Fund Managers Central Limited (the manager of Midlands Mortgage Trust) is delighted to announce the appointment of Steve Wyn-Harris as an independent director.

Steve is a well-known farmer, broadcaster, columnist and director with a farming career that began in 1985 with the purchase of a 180ha property in Central Hawkes Bay after he had graduated from Lincoln University. The family holding has since been added to with three other small blocks so that currently they have 350ha of sheep, beef and forestry.

Steve writes the weekly ‘From the ridge’ column for NZ Farmers Weekly which has a circulation of 130,000 and he is familiar to listeners of Radio Sport and Central FM broadcasting several times per week on these stations with themes running through the range of farming, politics and sport.

Steve’s corporate experience has been gained at the highest and best levels having served on the boards of Landcorp (2003-2007) and Farmlands (2006-2012). As a community-minded individual he also serves on various committees and boards of trustees and will provide great input into Governance issues as we progress to a new regime as a licensed manager under the Financial Markets Conduct Act.

As an independent director on our board, Steve will chair our audit committee. The audit committee is not only responsible for overseeing the audit of the accounts of Midlands Mortgage Trust and the management company but also has oversight on compliance matters for various aspects of securities legislation covering the fund’s operations.

His expertise in Human Resource issues gained at Farmlands and Landcorp will also be useful. At home Steve gets considerable help in running the family business from his wife Jane and, when at home, their sons Jason, Hugh and Matt. Their successful farming operation has seen them win a number of prestigious awards in that area over the years and Steve has also been recognised for his contributions as an exceptional communicator.

In accepting his appointment to the board, Steve is looking forward to the challenge of adding to his range of skills in becoming involved with the Finance industry. His brand of ‘no nonsense common sense’ will be a welcome addition the range of skills and experience on the board as it forges a path to a brighter future for all stakeholders.

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In light of the COVID-19 Levels imposed across New Zealand all Midlands staff, where possible, will be working from home with effect Wednesday 25th March 2020. Please note that our Hastings office will be closed to the public from this date forward.

As scheduled, we will still be running the quarterly distribution at the end of this month, as well as continuing with other essential functions of the fund. However, some functions will naturally be delayed. We appreciate your understanding at this time. Please call 0800 870 326 should you have any queries.

Be safe, and please look after yourself and each other.

Tobias Taylor, CEO